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Personal Care Manufacturing Equipment


Heritage Equipment recognizes that when it comes to the personal care industry, the products you provide your customers must be of the utmost quality.  Unlike some other industries, the applications that our Stainless Steel equipment support involve direct contact with the consumer. The personal care industry involves a wide array of products that must be pure and up to standard. You, as the company entrusted with their manufacturing, must have confidence that you’re providing a high-quality product. Heritage Equipment is here to make that a reality.

The personal care industry is perhaps one of the largest and most in-demand industries to which Heritage Equipment provides Stainless Steel equipment. Our Stainless Steel equipment is crafted with FDA and sanitary requirements in mind in order to provide the best equipment for your application. We believe our success stems from:

  • Products and materials used meet FDA requirements
  • We build to 3A standards
  • ASME certified welders
  • Canadian registration when required
  • Heavy-duty agitators and high-shear mixers meet FDA and 3A requirements

We have the experience and qualifications to demonstrate why the commercial/industrial equipment market has trusted us for 38 years and we are still growing.

Personal Care Industry Stainless Steel Equipment Types Offered

We believe that attention to detail and knowledge of the ingredients associated with the personal care industry is vital. Due to this expectation, we make sure that you receive tanks, processors, and agitators that deliver the best for your unique, specific needs. We offer Stainless Steel equipment customized to your design needs.

From horizontal, cone bottom, flat bottom or vertical shapes, our 304 and 316 grade Stainless Steel tanks will meet your expectations. In the case of our high shear mixers, companies specializing in cosmetics will enjoy the flexibility our Stainless Steel equipment provides. In the ever-changing cosmetic market, you need to make sure you aren’t left behind when your equipment prohibits your ability to adapt.

Our Stainless Steel equipment types include:
  • Kettles
  • Tanks
  • Agitation
  • Monitoring and process automation

Personal Care Industry Applications

One particular application that we would like to discuss is the production of cannabis and hemp-based products. Personal care products containing these ingredients have exploded onto the scene in various forms- all providing incredible benefits. These benefits include pain relief, anxiety relief, anti-inflammatory properties, skin hydration, and even acne relief. Regardless of which benefit your company offers to your consumer, we want to support you.  A few of the ways cannabis and hemp-based items are revolutionizing the personal care industry include:

  • Cannabis oil
  • CBD cream
  • Lotions
  • Rubs 
  • Bath salts and bath bombs
  • Body wash
  • Lip gloss
  • And many others!

That’s not all, no matter your specialization and demographic, rest assured that Heritage Equipment Company has something for you. From cosmetics to baby products to toothpaste, our Stainless Steel equipment won’t leave you disappointed. If you’re in the personal care industry, we have one of our great products to offer you. The various other applications we serve include:

  • Shampoo and conditioner
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Body lotion
  • Skin ointment
  • Hand cream 
  • Cosmetics
  • Hair gel
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Any many more!

Personal Care Industry Capabilities and Solutions

As we’ve discussed, Heritage Equipment Company offers the highest level of quality and customization options, but we want to do more than just market our product to you. We aim to prove our superior quality to all of our customers. We strive to meet each and every expectation you have of an equipment manufacturer. We want to support your productivity and help your company grow.

Heritage Equipment Company provides undivided attention to the specifications of each of our clients, building equipment to your design to fit your unique needs. Additionally, we believe that we should demand as little of your time as possible. After all, you’re busy providing amazing personal care products to eager consumers! Let us do the hard part for you. We include onsite service and repair services for processing equipment and can provide delivery and installation of your equipment.

At Heritage Equipment, we focus on customer satisfaction and the delivery of the highest level of craftsmanship. We know that as a part of the personal care industry, you strive to deliver the highest quality product and we promise to do the same for you.

Contact us for more information on our personal care industry equipment and to receive a quote today!

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