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Malting Vessels


Our BCast Stainless Products Steep Germinate and Kiln Vessel is an all-in-one machine in which malting is performed. Barley is steeped (soaked), then allowed to germinate and sprout. Finally, kilning (heating) the barley stops the sprouting and produces the malt color and flavor. The ability to perform the entire process in one vessel eliminates handling the wet grain and exposing it to weather variations. This not only saves time and labor but it yields malt that is consistent from batch to batch. Our smaller scale SGK drums allow for small batch malting, which keeps your craft beer truly local.

Bcast Stainless Products SGK Malting Vessels

Bcast Stainless Products' Original And Updated Steep, Germinate, And Kiln (Sgk) Malting Vessels In Operation At Rustic Brew Farm.

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