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Stainless Steel Processing Tanks

new, used, & custom options available

Heritage Equipment Company stocks used stainless steel processing tanks including vats, pasteurizers, liquifiers and cooker/coolers. Stainless steel processing tanks are corrosion resistant which make it an ideal choice in many industries including food, beverage, pharmaceutical and most chemical processing, transport and storage.

Sizes, Grades, & Manufacturers

We stock stainless steel processing tanks in many different sizes ranging from 30 gallons to 3,000 gallons. Used processing tanks can be made of multiple grades of stainless steel most common are type 304 and 316 SS.

The used processing tanks we supply are from manufacturers such as:

  • Cherry Burrell
  • Chester Jenson
  • DCI
  • Walker Stainless
  • Breddo, Mueller
  • APV Crepaco

Additionally, these stainless steel processing tanks can come with many different configurations including a steam jacket, agitator, water jacket, scrape surface, tilt discharge and more.

Contact us today to learn more about the used stainless steel processing tanks we have in stock.

Explore Our New & Used Processing Tanks in Stock

Imageproduct namegallonsConditionAdd to Quote
B-1122-14View Product Details800Used
B-1503-23View Product Details500Used
B-1503-65View Product Details300Used
B-1543-32View Product Details500Used
B-1594-03View Product Details75Used
B-1628-16View Product Details500Used
B-1651-09View Product Details200Used
B-1677-13View Product Details220Used
B-1704-01View Product Details500Used
B-1704-02View Product Details500Used
B-1777-04View Product Details300Used
B-1803-22View Product Details300Used
B-1806-06View Product Details300Used
B-1832-03View Product Details80Used
B-1849-03View Product Details200Used
B-1920-07View Product Details300Used
B-1921-01View Product Details1000Used
B-1939-09View Product Details300Used
B-1939-10View Product Details250Used
B-1939-12View Product Details250Used
B-1972-18View Product Details600Used
B-1972-21View Product Details400Used
B-1981-01View Product Details300Used
B-2032-12View Product Details150Used
B-2036-05-COView Product Details600Used
B-2045-07View Product Details500Used
B-2108-03View Product Details600Used
B-2114-27View Product Details60Used
B-2115-02View Product Details100Used
B-2118-02View Product Details150Used
B-2125-01View Product Details400Used
B-2125-02View Product Details300Used
B-2132-04View Product Details500Used
B-2149-05View Product Details50Used
B-2157-01View Product Details500Used
B-2157-02View Product Details300Used
B-2157-03View Product Details300Used
B-2157-04View Product Details300Used
B-2166-01View Product Details2000Used
B-2177-02View Product Details600Used
B-2212-02View Product Details300Used
B-2218-08View Product Details500Used
B-2226-02-CNView Product Details1500Used
B-2228-02View Product Details1000Used
B-2228-05View Product Details100Used
B-2239-01-CNView Product Details500Used
B-2239-02-CNView Product Details1000Used
B-2239-03-CNView Product Details350Used

Don’t See What You Need? Request a Custom Processing Tank

custom sizes and configurations are available

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